Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Claudia Weber-Fischer

I was 10 years old, when I got my first camera and when I started with diving it was a matter of course to have an uw-camera. The pics where not what I expected and I thought it was my inability. The day, water leaked into the housing and that “semi-professional” camera was destroyed, I was sad – but in fact it was the best day in my career as uw-photographer. With my new compact camera suddenly the photos where “not professional” but good - a possibility to improvement – hurray. 
Since then , the technique I prefer is macro and close up. To see the great things in the small ones is exciting and wonderfull.
But no matter which technique you will use – please always take care of the reef and environment. No photo is worth destroying everything around! I saw “professional” uw-photographers lying in the corals just to get the best shot – a no-go!
So for me the best techniques are consideration and respect!
As underwater-photographers we are all responsible for the preservations of the oceans - we are embassadors of the sea. We can show to the whole world, how wonderful marine life is and that it is worth to safe it!  So take action.