Sunday, March 4, 2012


Norbert Probst: born 01.04.1951 in Marburg/Lahn, Germany Passion: Photographer/Writer
In 1970 Norbert found out, that a camera is a fascinating tool. A long dream becomes reality in 1977, his beginning of scuba diving.
In 1980 Norbert gets his first underwater camera, a Nikonos IV-A, and photography turns into passion. Norbert’s success in several competitions across Europe, his attention attracted slide shows and a cooperation with Helmut Debelius (IKAN, Slide Stock) in Frankfurt , levels his way into professional UW-Photography. First picture publications in diving-, aquarium- and photo magazines coming out soon.
In 1982 his first travel story with text and pictures goes on print, in 1983 the very first cover photo is shown on TEAM TAUCHEN magazine. One year later, with editorial staff of the magazine teamwork begins. In 1987 Norbert starts cooperating with Heinz Ritter and his magazine UWF (Under Water Photography).