Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Wolfgang Zwicknagl

Tyrol, Austria
When I started scuba diving back in 1995, I did it for a simple but maybe strange sounding reason: I was not willing to accept my fear of deep dark water. Hundreds of dives later, I can confirm that facing this baseless fear was a fantastic idea. I started enjoying the underwater world immediately.

My first underwater photography experiments happened in 2001, kicked off a continuous growth of equipment and started a sequence of diving trips all around the world. Until today, I have left my bubbles in more than 20 countries. Getting more and more experienced in the area of underwater photography and travelling, I started sharing my knowledge as a Photo guide as well as in some trainings and workshops.
I am interested in all kind of dive sites but if I have to highlight one topic, than there is a special interest about animal mass migrations – wherever, whenever they happen. Some of my personal favourites are Sockeye Salmons, Humpback whales, Horseshoe crabs and of course Manatees. As the list of potentially interesting event is growing, I am constantly looking for all kind of information about any of these natural phenomena. 
I publish on a regular basis in some German Diving Magazines. From time to time some of my pictures make it into international Media, even the Wall Street Journal has already selected one of my photos.