Tuesday, August 7, 2012



"I`m really afraid that future generations will not be able to discover the magic, the power & the grace of the creatures of the sea as I am doing now. But at least my generation will be the one experience the end or the change of mankind!"

Patrick is a 42 year old scuba instructor and professional underwater photographer with more than 3200 dives. He did his first dive with 7 years with his father a diving instructor also. He has falling in love with the sea immediately. Back in 2006 he started underwater photography and in 2008 he broke up with his office job to work on a Liveaboard in Asia as an instructor, guide and underwater-photographer. 

"At this point my dream was to make my living not by helping other people to earn more money than by doing what I love most. Diving & photography. My Dream finally came true."

Since 2009 he lives in Germany again and does underwater-photography on a professional level. His work is published in German and international diving magazines and got awarded in some major underwater Contests like Beneath The Sea, Our World Underwater or Epson Red Sea over the last years.

Due to his constantly outstanding portfolio and bronze, silver & gold medals over the past 5 years, Patrick Neumann has been awarded Grand Master of Underwater Photography by the world`s largest and one of the most prestigious online contests,


In September 2012 he will have his first exhibition "Wasserwesen" together with his colleagues Marc Hillesheim, Markus Roth & Tobias Friedrich during the Photokina in cologne. 

Patrick describes his work as follows:

"My work is my passion. With my underwater photography I try to show especially the non-diving  world the beauty of the Sea through my eyes. I hope to create a feeling of sensibility for this amazing environment."

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